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Why Move to Squamish

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For many people Squamish is a hidden treasure – a beautiful town in the heart of the Sea-to-Sky corridor with a rich heritage and lots to offer. It is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada, a title it really lives up to, with people choosing to move to Squamish from all over Canada and the rest of the world. In many ways the town has everything – a brilliant location in a beautiful landscape, full of wonderful people and lots of things to do.


Squamish is perfectly situated between the bright lights of Vancouver and the towering alpine of Whistler. It is ideal for those who want to live away from the city and be close to nature, whilst at the same time not be too far away. Many people who move to Squamish still commute to Vancouver for work, and are also that little bit closer to Whistler for those weekend ski trips! In terms of scenery you couldn’t ask for better. Squamish’s location off the Sea-to-Sky highway offers wonderful mountains vistas, along with a beautiful coastline. For the best views why not head up the Chief, or take a ride on the new Sea-to-Sky Gondola!

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Activities and Attractions

As Canada’s outdoor recreation capital you would expect a huge host of activities. Well, you won’t be disappointed! Squamish has everything from hiking to skiing, to biking and climbing, canoeing, eagle viewing, diving and golf. You name it and Squamish probably has it! There is so much to do in Squamish it’s hard to fit it into one article. There are plenty of attractions to suit everyone. The Britannia Mine Museum is a hugely popular attraction, along with the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. The West Coast Railway Heritage Park offers an insight into the early development of Squamish, and the First Nations Bighouse is a unique cultural experience not to be missed. There are also year round events to keep everyone busy and entertained.

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One of the biggest attractions Squamish can offer for those who choose to move here, are the properties themselves. Squamish offers the best of both worlds, blending small town charm with modern amenities. All neighbourhoods in Squamish offer something unique, with beautiful views and a range of housing types. Properties in Squamish are largely more affordable than the surrounding areas of Vancouver and Whistler and in many cases have more to offer. Squamish is still a hidden treasure that offers great housing, a wonderful location and a close-knit community.   For more information on the neighbourhoods in Squamish you can check out our neighbourhood page or contact one of our Realtors. If you are thinking of moving to Squamish, why not have a look at some of the properties we currently have listed.