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Wind Proof Your Home

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Do you remember a couple of weeks back, how the wind was howling around the house, rocking the cars back and forth on the highway, blowing the trees and leaves all over the place? Well, that was just a taste of things to come. So take some time this fall and windproof your house and yard – you’ll be happy you did when the next storm hits! Here are some hints for the “the do it yourselferLandscaping: If you have a lot of wide open grounds where the wind can assault your home unabated, then adding some wind breaks in the form of rows of shrubs of varying heights, trees in a row, a fence, and even playground equipment will help divert wind from a straight path to your home.  However, these things can also be hazardous if they aren’t cared for. Make sure tree limbs and shrubs are trimmed and away from the house. Playground equipment and fences need to be securely fixed in the ground. Doors and Windows:  Foam insulation around the perimeter of the windows and doors. Apply on the outside of the home for a better barrier. Remove the trim from around the window or door and apply a thick coating of the insulation. It will expand to fill in any cracks. Replace the trim pieces. Windows Weather Stripping: After you have sealed the areas around the door, you should also add new weather stripping on the top and bottom of the door. Run your hand around the top, or the bottom, of your door when it is windy. If you have an older door you will probably feel a slight draft. This is because the weather stripping has failed. Remove it with a scraper and apply a new weather stripping. Drafts in your house Shrink Wrap Windows A layer of shrink wrap plastic cut to cover your window and shrink it, forming an airtight seal over your window, with a heat gun. You will still be able to see out the window. Replace Siding: If you have old siding on your home, it will help tremendously to replace the siding on your home with vinyl, or new shingles. While you are replacing the siding, you can also replace the insulation, and house wrap to create an air tight barrier.