Business Park

Located between Downtown and Mamquam River fronting on to Highway 99 with access at the rear of the area to of Squamish, you find a wealth of interesting businesses and services. The area began as the Squamish Industrial Park and has now become so much more over the years.
The idea in the beginning was that this designated land would be home to light industrial and small manufacturing businesses, mini storage, and automotive services.  Then with the expansion to allow Walmart and Home Depot it changed the nature and character bringing more people to shop and look around.  So, to accommodate this new look, the concept was changed to allow more services and even restaurants.  The Park is now home to bakeries, small breweries with food service, automobile dealerships, small businesses that manufacture on site with a retail component.
Now you can leave your car to have the oil changed, do some shopping, grab some lunch, leave the kids at one of the many indoor adventure businesses and never leave the business park. 

  • Breweries, Cideries, Restaurants, Bakeries
  • Fitness gyms, yoga, climbing, gymnastics, and more
  • Automobile
  • Shopping