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Incident involving ‘aggressive’ cougar prompts warning.

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Incident involving ‘aggressive’ cougar prompts warning.

Warning signs were being posted at trailheads in the Brohm Lake trail system on the weekend after a cougar displayed aggressive behaviour toward a hiker and his dog.

On Sunday (April 1), a hiker with a large dog were walking, with the dog on a leash, along the Power Line Trail in the Brohm Lake system when a cougar charged them, Meg Toom, Squamish Bear Aware Co-ordinator, said in an email to The Chief.

The hiker was able to stand his ground, make noise and eventually scare the cougar away, Toom said.

After the encounter, warning signs were posted at both entrances to the Brohm Lake Trail network.

Citizens were urged to exercise caution on all trails and urged to report any sightings or encounters to the 24/7 Conservation Officer hotline at: 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on cell.

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