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Prior was top spender in DOS election

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Prior was top spender in DOS election

Successful council candidate put out more than $10K; Kirkham outspent Parviainen almost 2 to 1

License Prior was top spender in DOS electionSuccessful council candidate put out more than $10K; Kirkham outspent Parviainen almost 2 to 1

Ted Prior spent more — $10,669 — on his 2011 District of Squamish council campaign than did any other candidate for either mayor or council.

Ted Prior spent the most of any single candidate for District of Squamish (DOS) mayor and council during the November 2011 municipal election and also had the largest single contributor — himself.

Prior, who finished fifth in the Nov. 19 election, earning a seat on council, put out $10,669 to outspend the other 22 council candidates as well as the three candidates for mayor, according to public campaign disclosure documents made public last week.

Rob Kirkham, meanwhile, spent $10,000.75, compared to the $5,402.75 spent by Auli Parviaienen and zero spent by mayoral hopeful Ron Bahm in the race for mayor. Kirkham finished just 179 votes ahead of Parviainen to win the mayor’s chair.

Prior contributed $12,305 to his own campaign but didn’t spend it all. In total, he received $13,380 in contributions. Most of the money he did spend was on advertising: $9,227.49. David Eidsvik was Prior’s largest single non-candidate contributor, having donated $825.

While Kirkham outspent Parviainen in the mayor’s race, Parviainen drew the largest single contribution from a non-candidate — $2,500 from Rishi Dhir. Dhir, a Vancouver realtor, is the spokesperson for a group called the Coalition of Tradespeople and Home Builders for an Effective Squamish City Hall.

Parviainen’s only other outside contributors were local landowner Doug Day ($1,000) and Squamish-based RSTRIPP Enterprises ($500).

Kirkham, by contrast, had a total of 27 contributors donate more than $9,400 to his campaign. The largest came from West-Barr Contracting Ltd. and Owen G. Carney Ltd. ($1,000 each). Carney also contributed $400 as an individual.

Kirkham also received $500 each from Barr Mountain Enterprises, Black Mountain Logging, NRB Holdings, Squamish Scrap Metals, Squamish-based 450085 B.C. Ltd., Squamish Terminals, Ken Pickering, Cardinal Concrete and Greg Gardner Motors.

After Prior, the next-biggest spenders among successful council candidates were Ron Sander ($7,599.09), Doug Race ($3,393.46) and Patricia Heintzman ($2,825.03). Susan Chapelle ($976) and Bryan Raiser ($316.74) spent the least among those who earned seats on council.

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