Market News

  • Jul 9

    Squamish Real Estate Stats: June 2019

    Reports show that there have been less sales in the overall market, which is lower by 11%.¬†This can be attributed to the very sluggish start to this year. That being said, in the past two months the market has rebounded;…

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  • Mar 12

    Squamish Real Estate Stats: February 2019

    It has been mentioned before that trying to show consistent information for the Squamish real estate market is problematic as the data samples are often small. In our market analysis, we collect our information from the Greater Vancouver Real Estate…

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  • Feb 7

    Squamish Real Estate Stats: January 2019

    With January in the books, here is a quick look at how the year has begun for real estate in Squamish. While you may be hearing in the news that sales are down, that is not always the case in…

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  • Jan 9

    Squamish Real Estate Stats: December 2018

    With these market adjustments, it is likely that some buyers who were unable or unwilling to jump into a heated market place are still out there. This means that, while the sales may not be what they were in 2015…

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  • Dec 13

    Squamish Real Estate Stats: November 2018

    As the volume of sales has dropped and prices have moderated, knowing how to best show case your property will be key to achieving your sale. Days on market for all property types has gone up and for home sellers…

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  • Nov 9

    Squamish Real Estate Stats: October 2018

    As we came to the end of the third quarter, overall market conditions indicated that the pace of sales had slowed, prices were adjusting downward, and listing inventory was on the rise. These trends most definitely hold true for the…

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